GRV Outskirts

Union - Cove - Imbler - Elgin - Summerville - North Powder

grvoutskirts logo semitrans xsmallHey, you found us! We’re glad you ventured out here into the GRV Outskirts to visit the small cities around the edges of the Grande Ronde Valley. Each community in our web ring enjoys a unique heritage and personality, and we hope you’ll get to know us a bit better.

Poke around our web ring to explore the less-traveled byways, and to get in on what’s happening in the GRV Outskirts.

Still brewing:
Interactive web-ring or map-like thing.

While we brew up the ring thing, check out these sites for things to do and see in the GRV Outskirts:

P.S. We are grateful to the La Grande Observer for letting us run with the Outskirts name.


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